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The project "Material and Techniques for Cooperative Management Training" (MATCOM) was launched in 1978 by the International Labour Office. The project developed universal cooperative management training material, which was put at the disposal of national cooperative movements and development partners, who could then prepare local versions.

Until its termination in 1993, the project published training manuals and learning manuals in English, many of which were translated into French, Spanish and Portuguese. These manuals covered the main types of cooperatives as well as all major topics of cooperative management. Much of this material has been adapted to local conditions and translated into more than 60 national languages. The material continues to be used throughout the world by cooperative HRD institutions, NGOs and development partners. During the project's existence, MATCOM activities were supported by a global network of MATCOM liaison officers who contributed to the design, field testing and dissemination of the material.

Since many manuals and learning elements are now out of print, the ILO Cooperative Branch has decided to convert the material into electronic format so that the broader public can use it. We encourage the production of national versions of the MATCOM training series under the condition that the ILO Publications Bureau has authorized the adaptation. The ILO is grateful to the Governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden which have financed the MATCOM project between 1978 and 1993, and to the Government of Italy which provided funds for the production of the present compact disc.

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Cooperative Management Training

Agricultural Cooperatives
Trainer's Manuals (CHF 35.00 each)

Collecting and receiving agricultural produce

ISBN 92-2-103164-0

Cost accounting and control

ISBN 92-2-105080-7

Export marketing

ISBN 92-2-103681-2

Financial management

ISBN 92-2-103478-X

Management of larger agricultural cooperatives

ISBN 92-2-102631-0

Marketing of agricultural produce

ISBN 92-2-102983-2

Project preparation and appraisal

ISBN 92-2-102446-6

Risk management

ISBN 92-2-103956-0

Rural savings and credit schemes

ISBN 92-2-103371-6

Staff management

ISBN 92-2-102939-5

Storage management

ISBN 92-2-103165-9

Supply management

ISBN 92-2-102365-6

Transport management (2nd edition)

ISBN 92-2-103855-6

Work planning

ISBN 92-2-103479-8

Learning Elements (CHF 5.00 each)

Basic economics of an agricultural cooperative

ISBN 92-2-103699-5

The budget

ISBN 92-2-103698-7

Crop collection

ISBN 92-2-105161-7

Notes for the field trainer

ISBN 92-2-105587-6


ISBN 92-2-105215-X


ISBN 92-2-108039-0

Supply services

ISBN 92-2-105021-1


ISBN 92-2-105820-4

For Workers' Cooperatives
Trainer's Manual (CHF 35.00 each)

A workers' cooperative - The decision to start

ISBN 92-2-105818-2

A workers' cooperative - Formation and management

ISBN 92-2-105819-0

Learning Elements (CHF 5.00 each)

A workers' cooperative - Basic Economics

ISBN 92-2-105264-8

A workers' cooperative - Organization

ISBN 92-2-105265-6

For Handicraft Cooperatives
Learning Elements (CHF 5.00 each)

A handicraft cooperative - Formation

ISBN 92-2-106301-1

A handicraft cooperative - Management

ISBN 92-2-106302-X

For Consumer Cooperatives
Trainer's Manual (CHF 35.00 each)

Retail management

ISBN 92-2-105490-X

Learning Elements (CHF 5.00 each)

Basic economics of a consumer cooperative

ISBN 92-2-105729-1

Basic rules for the display of goods

ISBN 92-2-102067-3

Buildings and equipment for small shops

ISBN 92-2-102177-7

Cash and stock management

ISBN 92-2-105046-7

Cash control using a cash register

ISBN 92-2-102436-9

Cash control without a cash register

ISBN 92-2-102435-0

The display of goods in self-service shops

ISBN 92-2-102081-9

Easy lettering for signs and posters

ISBN 92-2-103330-9

Food spoilage and preservation

ISBN 92-2-103693-6

Handling of cash

ISBN 92-2-102361-3


ISBN 92-2-102049-5

Ordering goods

ISBN 92-2-103088-1

Planning and controlling the business

ISBN 92-2-102222-6


ISBN 92-2-102632-9


ISBN 92-2-10 3028-8

Receipt of goods

ISBN 92-2-102437-7


ISBN 92-2-102223-4

Shop hygiene

ISBN 92-2-103692-8


ISBN 92-2-102481-4

Stock control records

ISBN 92-2-102774-0

The stock range

ISBN 92-2-103089-X


ISBN 92-2-102225-0

Trainer's notes

ISBN 92-2-105151-X

Weighing and prepacking

ISBN 92-2-105730-5

Work organization and staff management

ISBN 92-2-103268-X

For Credit Unions
Trainer's Manual (CHF 35.00)

Credit union organization and management

ISBN 92-2-108153-2

For Housing Cooperatives
Trainer's Manual (CHF 35.00)

A housing cooperative: Organization

ISBN 92-2-108226-1

For Cooperative Audit
Trainer's Manual (CHF 35.00)

Cooperative audit and control

ISBN 92-2-107870-1

For Grassroots Cooperatives
Trainer's Manual (CHF 35.00)

Grassroots cooperative action

ISBN 92-2-108225-3

For Training of Trainers
Trainer's Manual (CHF 35.00)

Basic training methodology

ISBN 92-2-107988-0

For Curriculum Development
Curriculum Guide (CHF 35.00)

Curriculum guide for cooperative management training

ISBN 92-2-107784-5


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